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VANCOUVER ISLAND WATERJET is a wholly owned subsidiary of Marine Project Group owned and operated by Christopher Chapman. Formed in 1986 to address a small niche in the International Marine Industry we at Marine Project Group travelled around the world performing repairs and managing Operations for major Oil Tanker Ship Owners.

Christopher Chapman earned a Master Mariner class 1 unlimited license in 1995 and has a background in Marine Electrical including repairs and operations of the largest and most complex structures in the Oil Industry. This has allowed us a unique insight as to the most modern available technologies and how they are utilized including the use of the Waterjet Cutter. Marine Project Group has now secured the niche market here in Nanaimo and Central Vancouver Island for Waterjet Cutting services under the Vancouver Island Waterjet name.

Vancouver Island Waterjet opened its doors in December 2011. We are dedicated to the art of waterjet cutting serving fabricators, sign makers, home owners, interior/exterior designers, custom granite, industrial contractor, local artists, custom car, prototype makers and more ... With our skills including electrical, electronic, mechanical and hydraulic systems we can offer a complete in house product development.

Waterjet cutting is an environmentally friendly cutting method compared to other cutting methods. Waterjet cutting doesn't requires cooling or lubricating oils which means there are no chemically contaminated chips to dispose of. Unlike thermal processes such as plasma or laser, waterjet doesn't generates noxious fumes during the cutting process. The garnet abrasive is inert and non-toxic, and due to the fact very little material is actually removed in the cutting process very little waste is generated. This keeps the environmental impact relatively low and is why Waterjet Cutting is classed as a green technology.

VANCOUVER ISLAND WATERJET has taken this GREEN TECHNOLOGY to another level ! Since we moved to our new location at Yellow Point in January 2014 we now utilize a RAIN WATER harvesting system, water RECYCLING system and working together with a third party to REUSE our used garnet abrasive. We are the only waterjet in the entire world to simultaneously utilize all of these green technologies.

Vancouver Island Waterjet serving Nanaimo, Victoria, Ladysmith, Campbell River, Duncan including remote locations for fast turnaround of larger and unusual orders. We have the capacity and experience to perform.

VANCOUVER ISLAND WATERJET specializes in the fast turnaround of larger and unusual orders to remote locations when you need it done fast and you need it done right.
We have the capacity and
experience to perform.

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